Friday, June 8, 2007

Hello. My name is Debbie Cate and I live in Knoxville with my husband and two dogs. I have three grown children.

I work for the Department of Education in the Division of Special Education as the (619) Preschool Coordinator and also as the East Tennessee Regional Early Childhood Consultant.

I am looking forward to this class - especially learning all of the terminology in the class assignment postings which were foreign to me. "If you can't FTP directly from within the browser the way you can with IE 6." I don't know what an FTP or an IE 6 is - the first sounds like an FTE from a comprehensive plan, and the latter a spy, but I doubt that's correct. I hope a wiki is something served at happy hour.

I also hope to learn how to create or copy video clips into power point, and how to set up and conduct a web-cast meeting. I would also like to learn how to remove pictures from a digital camera - (I did it once by accident and can't seem to do it again).

An interesting blog that I found was Ryn Tale's Book of Days, the story of a young family and their daughter preschool daughter with cerebal palsy. It can be found at

While I haven't mastered many computer skills (or even cell phone skills), I do computer jigsaw puzzles, play sudoku, interactive computer spades, and most importantly, I love to EBay and do it daily.